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April 2019 Minutes

Posted on April 22, 2019 at 11:20 PM

The minutes of the EAA Chapter 1117 meeting of April 20th is as follows:

The meeting was presided by President Jim Z. who passed out written agenda items in outline form.

The minutes of the last meeting of March 16th were read by Truman S. The minutes were accepted by the membership with no changes, thus they are now official record.

Jim Z. reported that Anderson Cooper is the new Airport Director. He is a friend of the club’s, and can be counted on for great communication, and to help the club wherever needed.

A new colored flyer for the upcoming Airport day on June 29th was passed around for everyones review.

Our Young Eagles Day is planned for May 4th, 2019, with an alternate weather date of May 18th. The May 4th morning briefing for all pilots will be at 08:00, with preflight briefings starting at 08:30. Jim G., Darrel D., and Jim Brown are coordinating on this.

Lee D. gave a treasurers report. This information is available to any cub member by contacting Lee.

Old business: Jim Z. reported on the clubs tax exemption status for buying products/food for future events. If the club is buying for our own use, such as furniture or office supplies etc. then we can take a tax exemption on the purchase of the items. The club’s original charter is on file with the Secretary of State’s office.

The State Dept. of Revenue also has our filing on record, and the club can charge for items sold, and the club can profit from those sales, during our activities with the public. 

Mark H. reports that the original EAA club was Chapter 720, but they did not desire to renew with the EAA, and that is when the club filed as a new Chapter 1117. Mark filed our original charter.

New business: Jim Z. discussed how EAA National rates (scores) clubs applying for the James Ray scholarship, and the ten ways the club can improve our standing in order to have the opportunity to offer this generous scholarship.

Jim Z. briefed on the seven fighter airplanes that the Peruvian Air Force purchased in 1939. They were built by North American Aviation and were designated the NA-50, The aircraft was named Torito, Spanish for little bull, and one still exists. The aircraft was powered by a 840 hp R-1830 radial engine which gave the fighter a top speed of 295 mph at 9500 feet. People with an attachment to this existing NA-50 will be at Oshkosh Air-Venture this year, and they will be willing and able to share information on it. (Wikipedia has a good description of the Torito fighters and and their history)

The meeting adjourned at 10:15.

Of note: Immediately after our meeting, Darrel D. presented a FAAST/Wings program discussion on Loss of Control. Many pilots from the surrounding area attended this excellently presented event.

Truman S., Secy.

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