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March 2019 Minutes

Posted on March 19, 2019 at 12:55 AM

The minutes of the EAA Chapter 1117 meeting on March, 16th, presided by Jim Zarlengo, is as follows:

Three guests were introduced: Betty Hinze, and Goodtimes Car Club representatives: Jim Miller and Glenn Miller.

Jim Z. gave info. on a WW II Army/Navy aircraft identification guide booklet from that era. He brought copies of many of the pages. This excellently detailed booklet can be ordered online. It is a recognition pictorial manual.

Ron B. briefed the club on current events around the airfield with respect to new construction and future plans. He noted that airport Manager Gary Cyr is retiring soon and is having a retirement party on April 18th in the airport conference room. Check for the time schedule if you want to drop by. Gary has been a great friend of the club. The Aims Flight School has confirmed that they will work with us on the Learn to Fly Day/Airport Day on June 29th. This will also be a celebration of the airport’s 75th year. Plans are for as many static displays as possible, with food trucks. The local Goodtimes car club will be in attendance with some excellent cars (and people) Aims has announce that they will supply up to 6 airplanes and instructors for orientation flights, and they will advertising for this event.

Jim G. will check about the possibility of the club selling screened t-shirts.

The minutes of the last meeting were read by the Secy. and they were accepted by the membership. Lee D. gave a treasurers report.

Old Business:

Jim Z. reminded the club about our continuing effort to build a historic file (archive) of the club, and invited any that have history or photos to include them in this building endeavor.

Jim Z. briefed the club on the status of the James Ray scholarship, given out by the EAA James Ray Foundation. 231 applications from various clubs have been received, and our club is one of the 136 that have been approved for further consideration. 90 Clubs have already received funding. EAA encouraged our club to increase our footprint with the community, and the EAA, thus the club has decided to begin a VMC and IMC club to have pilots share knowledge/experiences, and it will address problems/considerations of other real world scenarios that will be sent our way by EAA National. Initial plans are to meet once per month. Further announcements on this will be coming soon. The club had several volunteers step forward, via signup, to kick this off. A program called the Flying Start Program is being looked at also.

Tom B briefed the club on our thousand dollar scholarship, and he has re-designed the application form for it. Our P.O. Box has been eliminated as it was found to be under utilized. He is preparing letters to distribute to various schools/councilors. The due date for applicants is April 19th. The scholarship committee will meet to conduct business immediately after our April 20th meeting.

Jim Z. reported that if the club can get 10 people to Airventure Oshkosh we could serve pancakes and thus earn some money for the club.

New Business:

A busy day is planned for our Chapter 1117 youth Young Eagles Day on Saturday, May 4th. with a weather day of May 18th. Jim B. is the coordinator of this event at present. All pilots wishing to participate must have a certificate of completion for the EAA Youth Protection Program. (once the short training lesson is completed online, EAA will send you this certificate via email) Those that have taken it in the past, check you currency , as it must be renewed within three years from the date of the first one. It is anticipated that the start time will be at 10:00 and it will end by 3 PM; headquarters will be in the conference room.

Mike H. shared his experience of an alternator failure while airborne, and the procedure for replacing it.

During the open forum, Ed O. briefed on our 501 (c) 3 status, and Tom B. briefed the club on the Aviation Teachers Program that has attracted local teachers into learning more.

Jim Z. reminded members that is a great source for events happening around the country and encouraged everyone to check them out. Also check out the club’s site:

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.. Truman Sager, Secy.

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