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September 2018 Minutes

Posted on September 17, 2018 at 1:10 PM

A regular meeting of EAA Chapter 1117 was held on Sep 15 at the Greeley airport conference room at 09:15. Vice President Ed O’Connor presided. As the club scholarship, for an area youth to be used for flying lessons, has not yet been announced for 2018 the committee will meet immediately after the Chapter meeting for finalizing this selection. This Chapter 1117 scholarship is for one thousand dollars, and is to be used for flying lessons. It will be awarded to a youth from the Greeley area, or immediate surrounding communities. This will be an ongoing annual program for the club.

A possible future Young Eagles rally, and an alternative to the Learn to a Fly day were discussed. We would still try to work with the Aims Flight School on a LTF Day, but the school will be moving soon, and they will be approached at a later time on this. This is an ongoing planning item.

Announced at Air venture Oshkosh is a new emphasis: the EAA Flying Start Program. It is a program that is designed to welcome new aviation enthusiasts to the fun, freedom, and accessibility of personal aviation. It is designed to provide interested adults with a local pathway into the world of flight. Flying Start participants will have direct access to EAA’s Eagle Flights program through a hosting chapter, allowing them to experience aviation for themselves with a free introductory flight and informal mentorship from an EAA volunteer pilot. After the flight the participants will receive a free six-month membership to EAA. Due to the flying requirements, It was agreed that if the club did this, we would try to combine, and cooperate, with another EAA club in order to make it as successful as possible. This can be a part of our future planning.

Lee showed a video about an AirVenture project where a RV-12 was constructed and flown in within a weeks time, of course using many builders doing hands on. He also showed a short take on a do it yourself pitot static leak check using surgical tubing.

It was announced that Mr.Ray Hawkins will be at the October meeting discussing Seaplanes and the progress in getting more places approved for landing in Colorado. He is every knowledgeable on the subject.

Don Buman gave us briefing on his recent enjoyable flight into the mountains in this 182 to Johnson Creek airport, Idaho (3U2).

Ed O’Connor has a Sonerai aircraft kit that is partially constructed, with a disassembled VW engine, that is for sale. Asking price is 500 dollars.

Meeting adjourned at aprox 10:40.

Truman Sager, Secy.

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