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August 2019 Minutes

Posted on August 19, 2019 at 7:15 PM

These are minutes of our Chapter 1117 meeting of 17 Aug. 2019: 17 people were in attendance. The minutes were read by the secretary for our last meeting of June 21st. They were accepted by the membership with no changes.

Lee gave a Treasurers report, and reported a total balance of club funds to be $8519.27. Money was made for the club on water sales at the Airport Day/Learn to Fly Day of June 29th.

Jim Z. gave a synopsis of his two presentations at Airventure Oshkosh this year; one was on submarine technology, and the other was on rockets/rocket weaponry. He also discussed his meeting with the EAA people from Peru on the North American NA-50 fighters, that Peru purchased in 1939. They are restoring one of these aircraft.

Ed O. briefed for his experience of a busy arrival in his RV-8 at Oshkosh, after 5 inches of rain fell the two days prior. This made the grass too wet to taxi on in in many places.

Jim Z. reviewed some of the problems, and positives of the June 29th Airport Day/Learn to Fly Day. Approximately 200 tickets for intro flights were sold and 140 were flown. There were some limitations with respect to aircraft availability, which hindered operations; it was hot day and hot starting some of the aircraft engines hindered the flying effort to some degree. Also, some of the airplanes were full of fuel which limited lift capability at the start of the day.

Darrel D. reports that the first IMC/VMC club/pilot session will be on 12 Sep. in the Greeley Conference room at 5:30 PM. EAA National recommends the format with problem solving situations. The session is being promoted by EAA National and should prove to be thought provoking, educational and fun. This session will be reported to EAA National as part of our club outreach and professional learning.

An aerospace technology discussion was held with several members contributing to it. Efforts by Flight Aware are ongoing to limit the personal information that anyone can now get off of their program.

The Chapter plans a limited Young Eagles Day at Greeley for Oct. 5th. It is hoped we will have 5 aircraft and pilots for this activity.

Frank W. briefed on the exciting Jr. World Glider Championships, which just got over with, as well as the ten glider scholarships and ten free intro flights recently awarded.

Truman S., Secy.

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