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November 2019 Minutes

Posted on November 21, 2019 at 1:30 PM

The minutes of EAA Chapter 1117 meeting of Nov. 16, presided by Jim Z. are as follows:

Jim Z. gave a brief on today’s American missile technology, including hypersonic missiles, rail guns, defensive maneuvering by missiles, and what China and Russia are coming up with in this arena.

A guest , Marvin Bay, briefed on a new local project, (having moved the project from California) a full size, near replica of the Spirit of St. Louis aircraft that has just moved into the spaces of the Aims flight school. The members were invited, by Marvin, to drop by and see the project with its completed wing and nearly complete fuselage with engine and landing gear. There is a plan to fly this aircraft on a future flight to closely duplicate the Charles Lindberg flight from NY to Paris. Opportunities exist for interested individuals, with building skill, to help in its completion. A contact for this project is Robert at 405-205-7041, or Marvin at 970-381-8300.

The year end get together/dinner is tentatively scheduled for 18 January, 2020 at the Cattlemen’s Restaurant. No regular meeting will be held in January. Further info. via email will follow soon.

Jim B. reports of a successful Young Eagles Day the club had on Oct. 20th. Three Chapter 1117 Young Eagles days were conducted in 2019.


Also the recent VMC/IMC meeting, organized by Darrel D. was well attended and successful.


Jim Z. and Tom B. encouraged all members to continue to seek promising young people in the community (Greeley and close surrounding towns) to apply for the annual club flight scholarship, as well as the James Ray scholarship.


With the club treasurer Lee D. concurring, the club membership approved awarding another Chapter 1117 flight scholarship for 2020.  The club membership also approved a 2020 EAA Chapter 1117 flight scholarship award increase of $250.00, which will now make the total scholarship at $1250.00.


Tom B. reviewed the previous club scholarship winners and what they are doing presently. He also briefed on what procedures are taken to distribute/advertise the scholarships. The primary emphasis is on the high schools for students of age 15 and up. Efforts to this effect will be in the spring.


Frank W. briefed on various flight academy programs/aero labs in Colorado, and reported that one can solo in gliders at the age of 14.

A treasurers report was read by Lee D. with a stated amount in the club treasury of $8544.46.


The secretary read the minutes of the Oct. 20th meeting. The minutes were accepted by the membership with no changes.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:15.

October 2019 Minutes

Posted on October 25, 2019 at 12:35 AM

A regular meeting of EAA Chapter 1117 was held on Oct. 19th, 2019. The meeting was presided by Ed. O.

The minutes of the meeting are as follows:

The minutes of the meeting of Sep. 21st were read by the Secretary, and were accepted by the membership. A treasurers report was given by Lee D. with a stated amount in the club treasury of $8544.40.

Ed O. reviewed the opportunities for club leadership training by EAA National. EAA's chapter leadership Training sessions are designed to help you become a better chapter leader and learn more about EAA. If anyone is interested in being in chapter leadership in the future, or would like to know more about EAA, Contact EAA online, or talk with Jim Z. (Truman’s comment: They offer a 2 day Leadership Academy, and one 8 hour day Leadership Boot Camp. Various chapter Leadership Webinars are also available)

Darrel D. announced the next VMC/IMC meeting will be Nov. 14th, with the VMC at 6 PM, and IMC at 7PM.

The makeup for the club’s Young Eagles Day (originally scheduled on Oct. 5th, which was cancelled due to winds) will be today immediately after the meeting.

The Chapter’s flight scholarship applications are out for distribution.

New Business: The club’s holiday dinner will be held in early January, and final plans will be made in the November meeting.

Frank W. briefed the club on the latest in the glider world, and reviewed the attempts on the glider altitude record, and future plans for that. Key words for lookup are: Perlan Project. The Airbus Perlan Mission 2 will design and construct a pressurized glider to soar to the edge of space at 90.000 feet. Phase 3 is in the plan to soar even higher.

Darrel D. briefed on his recent trip to the Cub Crafter Company, and his flight in a Super Super Cub SX-3.

The meeting was adjourned at 09:55. Truman, Secy.

September 2019 Minutes

Posted on October 25, 2019 at 12:30 AM

EAA Chapter 1117

Meeting Notes

A regular meeting of EAA Chapter 1117 was held on September 21, 2019 at 9:15AM.

The meeting was presided by President Jim Zarlengo. Guests included John and Rebecca Hissem.

Minutes are as follows:

Old Business

Frank Whiteley reported on the Perlan project, a project in which funds are raised to build a custom glider to set new altitude records. The current goal is 100,000 feet msl. To achieve these great altitudes, the Perlan team rides the Patagonia wave above the Andes mountains.

Meeting minutes from the last meeting were read and approved without changes.

Treasurer report by Lee. Current balance this month is $8,519.34

John Hoecher, the 2019 EAA 1117 scholarship recipient, gave an update to the group about his current flight training standing.

Discussion was held about the Rays scholarship and the ten scholarship recognition program categories and improvement in each.

New Business

Ron indicated via email that Cooper Anderson (the head of the airport board) has heard from Aims about LTF day 2020.

Aims is interested in sponsoring next year.

Also, Jim from the car club wants LTF information for 2020.

Further discussion with Aims should prove to help make next year’s LTF day more organized.

The public’s expectations need to be addressed.

About 30 people can be flown per hour.

Wait times need to be quoted to people more often.

No bathrooms in secured area etc.

A Young Eagles Day is planned for October 5th with 2-4 planes planned.

The VMC/IMC club will meet on October 10th.

Jim Z. wants to confirm that everyone has his correct phone number. His current phone number is 303-910-2568.

The Barnstormer restaurant has officially reopened.

Discussion was held about starting meetings at 9:30am rather than at 9:00 a.m.. A motion was made, with a second, and passed with majority vote. Meetings will now be on every third Saturday (as always) except meetings will now start at 9:30 a.m..

The meeting was adjourned at 10:56 a.m.

-John C. Hoecher, Stand in Secretary

August 2019 Minutes

Posted on August 19, 2019 at 7:15 PM

These are minutes of our Chapter 1117 meeting of 17 Aug. 2019: 17 people were in attendance. The minutes were read by the secretary for our last meeting of June 21st. They were accepted by the membership with no changes.

Lee gave a Treasurers report, and reported a total balance of club funds to be $8519.27. Money was made for the club on water sales at the Airport Day/Learn to Fly Day of June 29th.

Jim Z. gave a synopsis of his two presentations at Airventure Oshkosh this year; one was on submarine technology, and the other was on rockets/rocket weaponry. He also discussed his meeting with the EAA people from Peru on the North American NA-50 fighters, that Peru purchased in 1939. They are restoring one of these aircraft.

Ed O. briefed for his experience of a busy arrival in his RV-8 at Oshkosh, after 5 inches of rain fell the two days prior. This made the grass too wet to taxi on in in many places.

Jim Z. reviewed some of the problems, and positives of the June 29th Airport Day/Learn to Fly Day. Approximately 200 tickets for intro flights were sold and 140 were flown. There were some limitations with respect to aircraft availability, which hindered operations; it was hot day and hot starting some of the aircraft engines hindered the flying effort to some degree. Also, some of the airplanes were full of fuel which limited lift capability at the start of the day.

Darrel D. reports that the first IMC/VMC club/pilot session will be on 12 Sep. in the Greeley Conference room at 5:30 PM. EAA National recommends the format with problem solving situations. The session is being promoted by EAA National and should prove to be thought provoking, educational and fun. This session will be reported to EAA National as part of our club outreach and professional learning.

An aerospace technology discussion was held with several members contributing to it. Efforts by Flight Aware are ongoing to limit the personal information that anyone can now get off of their program.

The Chapter plans a limited Young Eagles Day at Greeley for Oct. 5th. It is hoped we will have 5 aircraft and pilots for this activity.

Frank W. briefed on the exciting Jr. World Glider Championships, which just got over with, as well as the ten glider scholarships and ten free intro flights recently awarded.

Truman S., Secy.

June 2019 Minutes

Posted on June 22, 2019 at 7:45 PM

A regular meeting of EAA Chapter 1117 was held on June 15th, 2019 at 9:12AM.

The meeting was presided by President Jim Zarlengo. Guests included Peter Jones and Brock Ramirez.

Minutes are as follows:

Old Business

Meeting minutes from the last meeting were read and approved with one change

The balance from the treasurers report was corrected to $7,737.33

Treasurer report

Current balance this month is $7,761.37

John Hoecher was recognized as the 2019 scholarship recipient

EAA Learn to Fly (LTF) / Airport day

There will not be a member hosted BBQ this year

Motion approved to appropriate funds to provide food to volunteering pilots via reimbursement

Mark Hinze was presented a Certificate of Achievement for starting EAA Chapter 1117

The group:

Reviewed the ten EAA Chapter Recognition Program Categories

Reviewed the May 4th, 2019 Young Eagles learn to fly day

28 Middle school students flown

Positive press coverage from Fort Lupton

Discussed EAA consignment sales (t-shirts and hats) for the upcoming LTF day

Not enough lead time to pursue this item

New Business

LTF day planning

Letter from Cooper Anderson regarding

Parking, direction signs (CAP to direct traffic)

Discussion with Cooper regarding sign and CAP placement

Jim Z. will bring signs to pre-meeting prior to LTF day

June 28th pre-planning meeting at 9:00AM for setup (at Terminal)

Barrier count needed

Jim Z to provide caution tape

Discussion if additional tape may needed

Greeley PD, Fire Trucks, and EMS will be present

Static display discussion

No C-130 (OK for runway, but too heavy for ramp)

B-18 attendance TBD

One food truck confirmed to attend

LTF day requirements


Info booth/staffing

CAP to set-up and guide traffic

Aims hangar used for info/ticket booth

Waiver table and staffing

Waiting area and ticket verification (with departure and wait times)

Flight line entrance and staff (CAP)

Flight line departure area (tickets torn / people directed)

Port-o-pottie and water (TBD)

Waivers, Lee will print, provided at Aims hangar

Motion approved to cancel July meeting (Same date as Oshkosh) 

Discussed C-130 open house in Cheyenne later in year

END. Meeting adjourned at 10:34AM.

John C. Hoecher (Stand in Secretery)

May 2019 Minutes

Posted on June 15, 2019 at 11:10 AM

A regular meeting of EAA Chapter 1117 was held on May 18th, 2019 and the minutes are as follows:


The meeting was presided by President Jim Zarlengo. Guests were Cooper Anderson, Brock Ramirez, and Betty Hinze. Airport Director Cooper Anderson briefed the club on the layout of parking airplanes, and associated considerations, for the June 29th Airport Day/Learn to Fly Day. Final details are being worked out to have a military C-130 aircraft from Cheyenne present. Several static display aircraft, including a Beech model 18, will be present on the main ramp, with businesses representatives on the east side of the ramp. National Guard personnel will be present as security. A couple of food trucks will be available for purchasing food. The club will have one more regular meeting on June 15th for final coordinating. The Airport Day is considered to be an add on to the Learn to Fly Day.


Lee gave a treasurer’s report: there is a total in both of our accounts of $7737.33


Old business: Truman S. read the minutes of the last meeting of April 20th. The minutes were accepted by the membership without changes.


EAA Chapter 515 of FNL desires pilots and airplanes to assist them in a Young Eagles Day on June 8th. Those interest can contact Bill Snodgrass, President. at They assisted us in flying Young Eagles on May 4th.


New business: On behalf of the club, Jim Z. presented a certificate of appreciation to Mark Hinze for his early efforts in organizing, and applying for, the EAA Chapter 1117 charter. The chapter was then organized on Aug. 24th, of 1995. Mark gave a brief history of the club since then.


Tom Boos briefed on our scholarship program progress. There are four excellent club scholarship applicants. The winner will be announced on the June 29th Airport Day/Learn to Fly Day.


The scholarship committee will meet directly after the regular meeting. The VMC/IMC club meeting will be scheduled later in the summer. An Airventure poster was passed around for everyone’s review. Everyone is encouraged read the emailed Chapter Grams, esp. as there is feedback to EAA national that they are, in fact, being read. Jim Z. mentioned that he will be giving two lectures at the museum during Airventure, Oshkosh. His subjects will be: Hypersonic missiles and Submarines. 

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30.


Truman S. Secy.

April 2019 Minutes

Posted on April 22, 2019 at 11:20 PM

The minutes of the EAA Chapter 1117 meeting of April 20th is as follows:

The meeting was presided by President Jim Z. who passed out written agenda items in outline form.

The minutes of the last meeting of March 16th were read by Truman S. The minutes were accepted by the membership with no changes, thus they are now official record.

Jim Z. reported that Anderson Cooper is the new Airport Director. He is a friend of the club’s, and can be counted on for great communication, and to help the club wherever needed.

A new colored flyer for the upcoming Airport day on June 29th was passed around for everyones review.

Our Young Eagles Day is planned for May 4th, 2019, with an alternate weather date of May 18th. The May 4th morning briefing for all pilots will be at 08:00, with preflight briefings starting at 08:30. Jim G., Darrel D., and Jim Brown are coordinating on this.

Lee D. gave a treasurers report. This information is available to any cub member by contacting Lee.

Old business: Jim Z. reported on the clubs tax exemption status for buying products/food for future events. If the club is buying for our own use, such as furniture or office supplies etc. then we can take a tax exemption on the purchase of the items. The club’s original charter is on file with the Secretary of State’s office.

The State Dept. of Revenue also has our filing on record, and the club can charge for items sold, and the club can profit from those sales, during our activities with the public. 

Mark H. reports that the original EAA club was Chapter 720, but they did not desire to renew with the EAA, and that is when the club filed as a new Chapter 1117. Mark filed our original charter.

New business: Jim Z. discussed how EAA National rates (scores) clubs applying for the James Ray scholarship, and the ten ways the club can improve our standing in order to have the opportunity to offer this generous scholarship.

Jim Z. briefed on the seven fighter airplanes that the Peruvian Air Force purchased in 1939. They were built by North American Aviation and were designated the NA-50, The aircraft was named Torito, Spanish for little bull, and one still exists. The aircraft was powered by a 840 hp R-1830 radial engine which gave the fighter a top speed of 295 mph at 9500 feet. People with an attachment to this existing NA-50 will be at Oshkosh Air-Venture this year, and they will be willing and able to share information on it. (Wikipedia has a good description of the Torito fighters and and their history)

The meeting adjourned at 10:15.

Of note: Immediately after our meeting, Darrel D. presented a FAAST/Wings program discussion on Loss of Control. Many pilots from the surrounding area attended this excellently presented event.

Truman S., Secy.

March 2019 Minutes

Posted on March 19, 2019 at 12:55 AM

The minutes of the EAA Chapter 1117 meeting on March, 16th, presided by Jim Zarlengo, is as follows:

Three guests were introduced: Betty Hinze, and Goodtimes Car Club representatives: Jim Miller and Glenn Miller.

Jim Z. gave info. on a WW II Army/Navy aircraft identification guide booklet from that era. He brought copies of many of the pages. This excellently detailed booklet can be ordered online. It is a recognition pictorial manual.

Ron B. briefed the club on current events around the airfield with respect to new construction and future plans. He noted that airport Manager Gary Cyr is retiring soon and is having a retirement party on April 18th in the airport conference room. Check for the time schedule if you want to drop by. Gary has been a great friend of the club. The Aims Flight School has confirmed that they will work with us on the Learn to Fly Day/Airport Day on June 29th. This will also be a celebration of the airport’s 75th year. Plans are for as many static displays as possible, with food trucks. The local Goodtimes car club will be in attendance with some excellent cars (and people) Aims has announce that they will supply up to 6 airplanes and instructors for orientation flights, and they will advertising for this event.

Jim G. will check about the possibility of the club selling screened t-shirts.

The minutes of the last meeting were read by the Secy. and they were accepted by the membership. Lee D. gave a treasurers report.

Old Business:

Jim Z. reminded the club about our continuing effort to build a historic file (archive) of the club, and invited any that have history or photos to include them in this building endeavor.

Jim Z. briefed the club on the status of the James Ray scholarship, given out by the EAA James Ray Foundation. 231 applications from various clubs have been received, and our club is one of the 136 that have been approved for further consideration. 90 Clubs have already received funding. EAA encouraged our club to increase our footprint with the community, and the EAA, thus the club has decided to begin a VMC and IMC club to have pilots share knowledge/experiences, and it will address problems/considerations of other real world scenarios that will be sent our way by EAA National. Initial plans are to meet once per month. Further announcements on this will be coming soon. The club had several volunteers step forward, via signup, to kick this off. A program called the Flying Start Program is being looked at also.

Tom B briefed the club on our thousand dollar scholarship, and he has re-designed the application form for it. Our P.O. Box has been eliminated as it was found to be under utilized. He is preparing letters to distribute to various schools/councilors. The due date for applicants is April 19th. The scholarship committee will meet to conduct business immediately after our April 20th meeting.

Jim Z. reported that if the club can get 10 people to Airventure Oshkosh we could serve pancakes and thus earn some money for the club.

New Business:

A busy day is planned for our Chapter 1117 youth Young Eagles Day on Saturday, May 4th. with a weather day of May 18th. Jim B. is the coordinator of this event at present. All pilots wishing to participate must have a certificate of completion for the EAA Youth Protection Program. (once the short training lesson is completed online, EAA will send you this certificate via email) Those that have taken it in the past, check you currency , as it must be renewed within three years from the date of the first one. It is anticipated that the start time will be at 10:00 and it will end by 3 PM; headquarters will be in the conference room.

Mike H. shared his experience of an alternator failure while airborne, and the procedure for replacing it.

During the open forum, Ed O. briefed on our 501 (c) 3 status, and Tom B. briefed the club on the Aviation Teachers Program that has attracted local teachers into learning more.

Jim Z. reminded members that is a great source for events happening around the country and encouraged everyone to check them out. Also check out the club’s site:

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.. Truman Sager, Secy.

February 2019 Minutes

Posted on February 18, 2019 at 11:30 PM

A regular meeting of EAA Chapter 1117 was held on Feb. 16th, 2019 with Jim Zarlengo presiding. The minutes of the last meeting on 17 Nov. 2018 were read and accepted by the membership with no corrections recommended. Frank showed a clip of recent glider flight and spin testing.

Lee gave a treasurers report. This information is available to any club member by contacting Lee. New member John Hoecker introduced himself and gave a brief synopsis of his flight experience and goals. The club welcomed him as well as new members Tom Tomlin and Karen Tomlin.

Old business discussed: Jim Zarlengo reported on the club's progress on our participation in the James Ray Scholarship program. James Ray was a B-17 pilot and flew in the D-day invasion. He lived in Montana and was a successful business man who promoted flying and learning to fly.

A standard grant proposal was sent in and it was acknowledged by EAA National. A gmail account has been set up, it is: We are expecting further correspondence from National in early March.

A Club Scholarship Coordinator will be appointed soon, as this is a requirement in order to participate in the program. If we are given the green light by National, we will have most of 2019 to pick an awardee.

Glider scholarships will also be promoted by the club through Frank W.

The Learn to Fly Day (LTFD) will be held on June 29th, with much coordinating with the airport and Aims Flight School. This is the 75th anniversary of the airport. Food trucks will likely be available, but the final plan is not available to us at present.

The Boulder EAA Chapter 1627 has an open invitation for us to visit their hanger on Wed. Feb. 20th at 6 PM. They have a BT-13 Norseman and some early engines available for viewing.

EAA AirVenture will be July 22-28th at Oshkosh, WI. Ed O. announced that the local Renegades (flight team) will perform at least once at Oshkosh, and possibly more. The team consists of RV model airplanes with one Giles 202??

High school senior, and CAP cadet Anna Stoltz, our John Artz Scholarship winner, gave a presentation on her flying progress and her goals. The club was very interested and pleased with what she had to say.

New Business discussed: Darrel Dilley reminded the club about information available to us such as: webinars, the Wings Program, Hot topics, etc. Information can be found on Frank W. also reminds us that there are glider webinars also, where Wing credit can be earned.

A Young Eagles Day is being considered this year.

Jim announced that we will be starting an archives file of the club, where we can put some history of the club together, Anyone with pictures/stories of the past can have them included, and they are encouraged to do so. Mark H. volunteered to write a narrative to kick it off.

A 2019 Chapter 1117 Scholarship offering was adopted by the membership, and the scholarship committee will begin advertising for, and selecting, a Chapter 1117 flight scholarship winner. This will be a one Thousand dollar scholarship, as it was last year; it is for young people living in Greeley and adjoining town addresses.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30.

December 2018 Minutes

Posted on December 18, 2018 at 11:55 PM

A regular meeting EAA Chapter 1117 was held on Dec. 15th, 2018. Ron Bland presided. The clubs holiday season dinner was confirmed for Jan. 12th, 2019 at the Cattlemen’s restaurant. Cocktails at 6 PM, and dinner at 7 PM.

The possibility of an airport day was discussed. The airport people, and Aims Flight School, will be invited/encouraged to assist. The 3rd weekend in June is a potential date.

Jim Z. briefed the members on the progress of, and detailed planning for, the application process for the James Ray Flight Scholarship. Much discussion was on what methods the club would use to support and mentor the scholarship winner to help him/her attain the flight training within one year. This is a goal of the Oshkosh scholarship committee. Applications to EAA will have to be completed as soon as mid January. There is an EAA Webinar available on the James Ray Scholarship for anyone to review this potential 10,000.00 scholarship.

The club must appoint/recruit an individual to be the clubs representative in this important coordination.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:40.


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