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Februrary 2016 Meeting Minutes

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A regular meeting of EAA Chapter 1117 was held on 20 Feb. 2016 at the Greeley airport conference room at 09:30. Ron Bland gave us a brief on the new airport terminal expansion. It is planned to be accomplished this year. It will have a large conference room and offices. Other airport improvements were also discussed.


Tom Boos briefed the club on his efforts to promote the club's spring Learn to Fly Day as well as progress on reviewing finalists for our teen scholarship to attend the Air Academy in Oshkosh, WI this summer. Finalist are still being reviewed.


The EAA sanctioned Learn to Fly Day this year will be on May 21st.

Committee heads volunteered, or were selected as follows:

Food:        Ed O, and Mike H.

Insurance, CC, communications:       Lee D.

Airport coordinator:   Ron B.

Aims coord.:    Dusty Brailsford

Blue Sky coord.: Darrel D.

Ticket Sales:    Mark H

Logistics:   Russ D.

Parking:   Don L.

Publicity:  Truman S.

CAP participation:  Tom B.

Several ideas were discussed as to how the loading of passengers for the flying will be handled, in order too have it functioning smoothly.


An advertising push for the event is planned for mid April.


Also discussed was the new EAA Young Eagles Youth Protection Policy. This program is for all involved who work with young people at Young Eagles events. The best-practices training, and signing up for a background checks, should be done by 1 may., or e-Hotline has more info on this. For those completing this EAA request, the club would like to have your completion notification on file with the club. It can be forwarded to me, Truman Sager, when it is received. It will be held in a club file, retained by the club secretary. The club encourages cooperation with this EAA effort to give youth a great and safe experience during any Young Eagles Event.


The club is sponsoring an add for our club on the new airport restaurant tables.


A few 2016 EAA calendars are still available for purchase. Hang this attractive calendar in your man cave. The cost is $8.00. They are available from Lee Devlin.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 Am.

December 2015 Minutes

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A regular meeting of EAA Chapter 1117 was held on Dec. 19th, 2015 at the Greeley airport conference room. More discussion was conducted concerning the summer EAA Academy in Oshkosh, and our planned scholarship for one individual to attend. This planning in ongoing.


Some discussion of our planned January 9th get together and dinner at the Cattleman's restaurant, was conducted. An email message reminder will be a forthcoming soon on meal choices available to us in the west dining room.


The spring Learn to Fly day was set tentatively for Saturday May 21st. Other interested groups will be contacted for coordination of this highly successful event.


It was decided that there will be no regular meeting in January.


Lee reported that the treasury has $8701.28 in the club checking account and $958.78 in the club's pay pal account.


A club friend, Vaughn Hansen, gave us a brief description of his new job with the FAA. The club wished him well in his new endeavor.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM.

November 2015 Minutes

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A regular meeting of EAA Chapter 1117 was held on Nov. 21st. President Ron Bland presided.


A brochure was presented that discusses EAA expectations for pilots flying Young Eagles. This brochure is well written and is available in the club library. See Ed for availability.

Orders for the 2016 EAA calendars were taken. Lee will order them, plus a few extra for others that may want them.

All club officers have agreed to remain in their present positions for 2016, therefore no new elections were required. A motion was entered to accept the present officers. It was seconded and voted on with all present in agreement.

A treasurer's report was taken. A check for 2000.00 was received for the recent sale of the club's Sonerai aircraft. Adding this and 870.24 in our Pay Pal account to the 6701.23 in the general fund makes a total of 9571.47. Selling the other partial Sonerai kit was discussed.

The annual Christmas dinner (belated) will be either on January 9th or the 10th. A special e-mail announcement about this event will be put out shortly. It is planned to be at the Cattleman's Restaurant.

There will be a regular meeting of Chapter 1117 on on December 19th.

A partially complete RV-12 project is for sale from an individual. it is offered at a bargain price. Anyone interested can find out the details from Darrel Dilley. Tell your friends about this excellent project aircraft.

A state tax exemption for the Chapter was discussed. Ed is checking on getting this.


Ed reminded us that a collection of aviation videos/movies is available for anyone in the club to check out. The possibility of giving these to Aims Flight School was discussed. More on this at a later date.

Tom Boos gave a brief on the success of the October "So, You Want to be a Pilot" workshop and Young Eagles flights. He thanked everyone that assisted in this, and he reported that it was well received by the students. The pilots enjoyed sharing with these young people as well.

The summer EAA young person's, workshops at Oshkosh were discussed. A motion was entered for the Chapter 1117 to offer a scholarship of $1000.00 to one young person, high school junior or senior, to attend one of the offered workshops. It was seconded, and voted on with all present in favor. More on this later.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:00.

September 2015 Minutes

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A regular meeting of Chapter 1117 was held on 19 Sep. at 09:30. Having a fall Young Eagles day was the main topic of the day. Time was allowed for discussion, and a briefing by Tom Boos about the Frontier Academy High School Training Days. A motion was put before the club to have a limited Young Eagles event on Friday, Oct. 16th , and Sat. Oct. 17th for the purpose of supporting the Frontier Academy High School Training Days. The start time for the flying will be 08:00 and go until aprox. 4 pm. If we have plenty of airplanes , then the Saturday will only be a day to finish the flying, and it then will not be an all day affair. As the club has limited lift capability, and because club 515 in Ft. Collins/Loveland is having a Young Eagles day on Oct 3rd it was decided not to throw it open to the entire community.

Tom estimated that between 15 and 20 students would be desiring a flight. (limited to 20 maximum). The motion to schedule this 2 day activity in October was seconded and adopted with a majority in favor. A rain date would be the Oct. 23rd and or the 24th.

Our traditional Christmas dinner was discussed, and many suggestions as to where we could have it were aired. We had it at the Cattleman's last year in early January. It will have to be settled at the next meeting.

Lee gave us a treasurers report.

The club discussed our sponsoring of a scholarship for a young person, or two, to attend Air Camp workshops at Oshkosh next year. We are in the learning process about how to make this happen. More to come late on this.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30.

Truman Sager, Secy.

August 2015 Minutes

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A regular meeting of EAA chapter 1117 was held in the Greeley airport conference room on August 15th at 09:30. We welcomed joining member Doug Cheney. Introductions were made in his behalf.

An offer to the chapter, to purchase the chapter airplane project, was discussed . A motion was made to sell it at the offered amount. The motion was seconded, and all present were in favor. The motion to sell the project was adopted.

An individual with a Vans RV-12 project for sale was discussed for general interest.

Russ Dent briefed us on some of the events at the recent Oshkosh event. Others with knowledge of the event shared also.

Tom Boos briefed us on his upcoming Frontier Academy training days in October. Flying events are planned for the 7, 8, 12, and 13th. Final coordinating will be done at the next chapter meeting in September.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:37.

June 2015 Meeting Minutes

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A regular meeting of EAA Chapter 1117 was held at the Greeley airport conference room on June 20th, 2015. At 09:30. Lessons learned from the Learn to Fly Day in May were discussed.


Reports were taken from organizers. approximately 220 persons were given a ride in an airplane, keeping pilots and airplanes busy. Ron thanked all of the participants, especially Aims College, for doing a lot of the flying and support, and for use of their spaces. Airplane fuel was mostly paid for by sponsors, with the club's share reported as being $182.79. The club took in $509.00 of food sales which cost $161.17, hence a good profit was realized for the club. Approximately 200 hamburgers were served, along with numerous hot dogs. Ed O'Connor made a recommendation that we start the cooking about 11 AM, and that the hot dogs would be thawed out sooner, so that they are not a brick of hot dogs when they are needed to place on the grill. 70.00 worth of hats and T shirts also were sold.


For future events, a different traffic plan was discussed, as well as having additional parking.


More tables would have been nice to have. Tom Boos reported that the CAP had a few extra that could be put to good use.


Several ideas were discussed also, about how best to handle the waiting areas for airplane riders, and how better to delineate certain areas that are required to make the operation smoother; for example taping off the boarding area better, as well as having more information signs.


Ron made a recommendation that Chapter 1117 look into sponsoring a youth or two to go to Oshkosh in the summer of 2016 in order to take part in one of several Air Camps. Lee Devlin agreed to look at this possibility further. If the club decides to do this, we will have to decide how much money the club should afford to spend on it. As Treasurer, Lee also reported that we had $7568.70 in our treasury.


If the club organizes a Young Eagles Day, it was discussed having it in August or September.


Discussed also was making a day of flying 15 students attending Frontier Academy for an Elective week in October. There was a gerneral consensus of support for this activity. Tom Boos briefed us on this.


Ron reported a desire of the Dream Foundation to fly one individual, who has earned accolades for work done and desires to have a ride, Darrel Dilley offered to cover this request.


Peter Holmquist introduced himself as a visitor, and was welcomed.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:45.

April 2015 Meeting Minutes

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A regular meeting of EAA Chapter 1117 was convened at 09:33 on 4 April, at the airport conference room by President Ron Bland.


Dan Jaeger from Sterling, CO was introduced, and he joined the club.


The membership list was updated and some inactive members were dropped from membership.


To accommodate some potential members it was decided by a motion that the club's regular meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month rather than the first Saturday as we have done in the past. The motion carried, and thus was accepted. The meeting time will remain at 09:30. A reminder will be sent out on April 29th to the membership reminding them of the change. No regular meeting will be held in May. The next regular meeting will be June 20th.


The meeting then proceeded with final planning of the upcoming May 16th Learn to Fly Day.


On Saturday, May 2nd, there will be a walk through of the spaces that will be utilized, and final logistics considerations will be discussed. This will be for anyone in charge of a committee, or work and/or duty station, and any others that might be interested, such as static displayers etc. The designated meeting place will be in the terminal building conference room at 09:30.


New Walkie-Talkies will be utilized to coordinate events, airplane rider coordination etc.


Mr. Van Kratzenstein's RC club will be present. Other information was exchanged between members to coordinate committee work .


Members volunteered via a sign up sheet for duties not yet covered.


The Aims Flight school will be instrumental in supplying needed supplies, aircraft for rides, and making an interesting environment for the young people in attendance. Their flight instructor pilots have volunteered their time to give airplane rides and answer questions.


Static display aircraft protection was discussed, and plans made.


Advertising this event is the next goal to be accomplished, and plans were made for that. News releases three weeks prior was considered an optimal timeframe.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:58.

March 2015 Meeting Minutes

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A regular meeting of EAA Chapter 1117 was convened on March 7th in the conference room of the Greeley Airport terminal building at 09:38. It was presided by Ron Bland.


Old business was called for. The Treasurer Lee Devlin gave a brief report of the dues paid up and those not. We were in good shape on this.


E-mail addresses were updated by some members.


The meeting then launched into planning for the club's May 16th Learn to Fly Day. Volunteers for committee leads were reviewed, and other individuals volunteered to cover all of the presently known requirements needed to have a successful event. Many ideas and things that worked well in the past were discussed.


Credit card purchases for hats and t-shirts etc. can be utilized.


Tables and chairs will be supplied by the Aims campus personnel.


Members of a new Student Club from Aims will be recruited for needed requirements, if possible. Ron has planned to have more activities and things of interest near the hangers to give young people more to do while waiting for flights, and for general interest. Several ideas were discussed.


The Civil Air Patrol will participate with talks and displays.


Darrel Dilley is coordinating with the Colorado Pilots Assn., AOPA, and the Airport Support Network.


A ticket system will be used to give airplane rides. Riders will be grouped into one, two or three people, and will be brought to the aircraft by a knowledgable adult volunteer.


A format for a release of responsibility form was discussed.


Darrel Dilley read a letter from the Young Eagles program authorizing the club some monetary credit to apply to the Air Academy Scholarship, or other scholarship. No decision was yet made on this.


A Young Eagles day is tentatively planned for June 13.


Ownership of the VW engine by the club was discussed.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:58.


Truman Sager, Secy.

February 2015 Meeting Minutes

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A regular meeting of Chapter 1117 was held on Feb 7th at 09:30 in the terminal building conference room. It was presided by Ronald Bland.

Member name tags are now available for those who ordered them recently. Orders for them can still be made.


The holiday dinner was briefly discussed, and all present seemed to agree that it was a success and an enjoyable event.


New business was called for: A Chapter 1117 Learn To Fly Day is planned again this year. (This is different than a Young Eagles event.) It was mentioned that the Ft. Collins/Loveland airport is having a Young Eagles day on June 13th, and an International Learn to Fly day on May 23rd.


More information will be forthcoming on coordinating our chapter's International Learn to Fly Day with the EAA national. Committee leaders and organizers were called for for this event, planned for Saturday May 16th. Several members agreed to some of the tasks required. Duties requiring commitments from members include at least the following: Static Displays. (Pilots for Christ may be able to assist)


Airport coordinator ( Airport manager may be willingS to do this)

Blue Sky Flyers (Darrel D. Volunteered)

Parking (Don Lonhart )

Logistics, tables etc.

Publicity, (Truman- assist.)

Interviews (Ron)

Ticket Sales (Mark)

Insurance (Lee)

Aims College will be represented by their staff. Final plans for this event will be set at the March meeting.

Airplanes for static display, a popular event, are being sought.


Young Eagles Learn To Fly Day is planned for June 13th for our Chapter. A second one later in the summer was discussed.


Having our chapter build an airplane was discussed. Much interest was shown. Future discussions will take place. If the club would decide to do this, the club would need a good space, not necessarily a hanger, for this activity.


Other interesting chapter activities for the year were discussed such as a summer picnic, tours, program events etc. Suggestions are solicited.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:36.


Upcoming Events

Saturday, Nov 17 at 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Saturday, Dec 15 at 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Saturday, Jan 19 at 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Saturday, Feb 16 at 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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